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06 May 2009 @ 09:22 pm
Oh my! I've done did a prompt! Tell me how bad it is because I haven't written anything outside of an rp for a LOOONG time.

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19 December 2008 @ 06:17 pm
So, I think I'm an okay pixel artist! I'm good but not as good as the DEP, I know this, this is why I do not work for them. But to get NO commissions?! Thats just bad! I do items, one of the DEP people said they really liked one of my pixel jam items! Thats good, thats a review and yet no commissions! I know no one is really buying anything nowadays, so I tell myself that when ever I get discouraged.

I was sooo happy with the update on furc today. Just an art update, it took me less than a minute to alter my dream's skin (the skin on furc!wank, its the best skin ever created) for the update. Then I took a look at all the new little avatars, a new free one, the nobels which will appear in my dream as elves of course. (A noble canine outfit with elven features will be a Bugge I believe, perfect for Kethlar! ^^)

But guess what? Its all got to be ruined by one little inconsiderate thief. Same kid that stole my dream and patches (he gave them up eventually) contacts me and asks me for help. I do NOT want to help this kid! He stole from me and gave me such a hard time when I told him he couldn't do that! He contacts me, asks me to 'help' make him a wall for his dream. In other words, do all the work. I tell him 'I do commissions, I don't do requests' And he gets upset with me! 'I thought you could do it free of charge since its simple for you' and all that shit! Who thinks like that?! Its WORK, and I expect to get paid!

These kids. And the funny thing is, I'm not the first person to make this rant or similar rant. Rat the Unloved gets pestered, loses commissions because people don't want the artist signature on their port. That is just retarded, you make something, you design it, you deserve credit! Just because you've paid for something to be made doesn't mean you get to take credit for making it!

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20 November 2007 @ 09:53 pm
See what I did there? Deleted all my old journal entries. Why? Of course I wanted to get rid of as many memories of the drunk as possible. Not doing a very good job, though am I? :o oh well. I wanted to keep the Luminairie name instead of making a new journal. I don't think anyone besides Tarkletin really knows about this journal. And darn it, thats the way I likes it. Small audience for my ranting. I'll probably only write in here about bad days, vaccines and my brother irritating the living hell out of me as he's been doing since he's moved back. >< Lovely, it all is.
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